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The Third Storm - by Liz Hambleton

The Third Storm

July 1, 2022

This game of husband and wife feels too real...

When you don’t know who to trust, you can’t outrun the storms or your past.

Rowan is her nephews’ only hope of surviving the harrowing storms threatening to destroy the earth. She would do anything to protect them, including seeking refuge on a military vessel under an assumed identity. On their journey to safety, she and the boys stumble upon an unconscious stranger.

When Sam awakens in Rowan’s care, he’s given a chance at a fresh start. A man haunted by mistakes he made during the storms, he’s searching for redemption. He assumes the role of father and husband, hiding with them on the ship, hoping his old life never resurfaces.

They both have secrets — deep, dark things that can hurt their newfound family. Their floating refuge soon turns dangerous when the desire for power turns the people they depended on against them.

Neither of them can outrun their past. Now they find themselves trapped out at sea, trusting no one but each other.

“I finished this book in one sitting because I was unable to put it down. It grabs your attention from the first page and it just doesn't stop. The characters are so well written and you will get attached to each and every one of them."


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