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The Discovery Center - by Liz Hambleton

The Discovery Center

June 1, 2022

She's being followed by a man from her past, and this time he's not leaving without her.

In the City, relationships observe a unique set of rules. Its citizens are bound by contracts to marry only for a decade at a time. After ten years with her husband, Alaina is surprised when he doesn't choose to renew their contract, and she's suddenly thrust into the single life at The Discovery Center. The Center is full of excitement, but something sinister looms just beyond the borders of civilization.

She's immediately drawn to a handsome new stranger who feels oddly... familiar. But Killian's mysterious appearance is not by chance. He's been watching and waiting for the perfect moment to rekindle a decade-old romance - and this time, he'll make it last forever.

Alaina's faced with the decision between the comfort of what she has always known or the risk of losing it all trying to escape and find love for more than just ten years. Under the watchful eyes of the City, and those that believe in its cause, will they find their way to freedom?

“TI first read this book when it was released on the Kindle Vella platform. WOWZA! I couldn't wait for each new chapter. If you love a little bit of suspense and a little bit of spice, this is for you. You are rooting for these characters and are left wanting more!"


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