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After the Storms_Final_Ebook.jpg

After the Storms

April 21, 2023

Another sanctuary and another lie.

After fleeing for their lives, Rowan’s band of survivors makes it to the Underground. The last to find her way, the welcome that greets her is not a warm one.

She’s about to find out just how far the web of betrayal spreads, touching everything she holds dear. All the while, her family is kept from her, too far away to reach. Longing for Sam and desperate to escape, her powers grow stronger, but will it be enough?

While the last global killer rages overhead, Rowan makes allies and adversaries, preparing for the final battle. Once the storm is over, she knows an old enemy will come to find her, but this time she won’t run.

This time, she’s ready to end his tyranny, once and for all.

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