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The Center's End - by Liz Hambleton

The Center’s End

July 15, 2022

Revenge, for all time.

Outside the City’s confines, life exists in a way that the citizens can’t begin to comprehend. They’re locked inside the City’s prison, completely oblivious to real, true freedom. After she gets a taste of it for herself, Julie realizes she has to go back. But this time, she’ll go with a mission; dismantle the place that nearly destroyed her.

She’s joined by a man she doesn’t fully trust, even if she desperately wants to give in to her desire for him. Their journey together will expose so much more than the evils of powerful men. Secrets they both wish they could keep buried deep inside will be revealed in the most painful ways.

Liam will do anything to prove his loyalty to Julie. She may need his help, but he just wants her. But nobody will be safe unless the two of them can find a way to end the City's controlling reign. As Julie battles her feelings for Liam, she realizes that’s the least of the dangers she’ll encounter. She’s burned with hatred for so long, and he’s held onto pain that he never thought he could relinquish. What does all that mean for Julie and Liam if they succeed? Can they give the citizens the gift of freedom? Or will their pasts be too much to overcome?

“I loved The Discovery Center, but I love how Liz takes the reader even deeper into this world she’s created. So, so good, and I can’t wait for Erin and Aiden! I need it now!"

Emily Beth

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