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The Final Storm - by Liz Hambleton

The Final Storm

October 25, 2022

Rowan wishes for simple things. Her family has endured so much, and she doesn’t have the luxury of wanting any more than she needs.

Safety for the people she loves. A bed to share with Sam. The people on this island to survive.
Surviving is all they can do until the storms end their disastrous attack on the world. The fight isn’t over, no matter how much Rowan wants to believe they’ve found safety. The future she envisioned tells a different story, and it’s one she can’t ignore.
Sam wants Rowan and everything that comes along with her. He adopted her nephews, and they share them as sons. Their future grows in Rowan’s belly, and they want nothing more than to leave the past behind for good.
But the past finds its way back to them, crashing into their happiness and tearing apart the life they’ve built. Their struggle to survive threatens everything they love, but they’ll fight until nothing is left - together.

“Liz Hambleton is the QUEEN of romantic suspense. Just when you think you've got a handle on where this is going, she flips the script and twists everything in the BEST WAY ... 11/10 recommend.
Liz Hambleton is always a one-click buy for me."

Abbey E.

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