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It was only supposed to be a summer job.


Desperate to claim independence from her self-absorbed mother, Leona Landry finds herself on the doorsteps of the Moore Estate. At eighteen, a summer on an island, meeting new people and having a little fun after graduation sounds absolutely perfect–until it doesn’t.

She gets a firsthand glimpse of the seedy underbelly of ridiculous wealth, and she can’t look away. Henry Moore offers her salvation.

Loathing the weight of his name and ties to the Moore estate, Henry feels sickened by his family’s dealings in sin and depravity. Even though his own future is at stake, he risks everything to save Leona from a fate worse than death.

That wicked summer ten years ago bonded Leona and Henry together forever, but he won’t be spared in her anger when she seeks revenge. The Moore family’s time is up, and Leona isn’t leaving without justice. When she steps onto their island once more, she’s prepared to bring them down… even if she has to take Henry down with them.

It was only supposed to be a summer job, but it changed everything for her - for him - for them.

Affluence (signed)

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